1. Steveston Mike can mosh to this anyday!
2. I dance to trance in garbage bag pants
3. Hit 'em high, hit 'em low, Don Flamingo
4. Does anyone know what SNFU stands for?
5. Vegas Chaffe, Brutha I got it too
6. Shildo's Quest_ Legacy of the dung
7. Pump lube and Gary the bear
8. The verbal uzi. Moo you fucking bitches!
9. Lassie's last dance
10. A Merkin in the Streets
11. The Dude just wants his rug back
12. Texas Johns sweet herbal remedy
13. Wrestlemania 5! Hulk Hogan vs Macho man..winner gets Miss Elizabeths love
14. This is where the chocolate cheesecake would be if we had any....WHAMMY!
15. Sing it again rookie biatch!!

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